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Since March of 2020, we have faced business conditions that we’ve never faced before. We learned to adapt our business and to measure our situation in ways we never had to before. For as negative and challenging the past year has been, the next year could be positive and challenging. Now we face something new – pent-up activity of an efficient and global economy waiting at the start gate to be unleashed. We will face delayed construction projects, much-needed facility repairs, increased production for increased demand, infrastructure spending, new initiatives, and capital that’s had to wait on the sidelines, eager to get put back into the economy to grow once again, as well as inflating material costs and delays in shipments. On top of that, we will face a new kind of customer dynamic—a workforce that’s become accustomed to working remotely and making virtual enough of a reality for most needs. In the same way, we changed how we worked in 2020, we’ll change again in 2021. The world has changed, and we must change with it.