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(2021) Aligning Digital Services with Customer Expectations: Full Report

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  • This report is a follow-up to the section in 2019’s Building a Connected Business that discussed more dynamic, sustainable revenue streams. It highlights the impact of digital transformation trends today, unpacks the opportunities and processes involved.
Building a Connected Business Research & Readiness Assessment

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  • The NAED Education & Research Foundation presents research that goes beyond the “why” of digital transformation to the “how” by offering both the detailed report and personalized assessments on change readiness and system readiness for your organization.
Economic Outlook - Annual Subscription

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  • Includes four quarterly issues of the Economic & Industry Sector Outlook report.
Economic Outlook - July 2021

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  • July 2021 edition of The Economic & Industry Sector Outlook.
PAR Report Industry Overview 2021

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  • Regarded as one of NAED's most popular offerings, the NAED PAR Report provides benchmarks for distributors' key financial categories. It offers distributors an up-to-date picture of their financial performance on operations, assets, and sales. Additional
State of the Industry (2020)

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  • The NAED State of the Industry report provides an overview of the economic expectations, anticipated growth, and perceived industry drivers by C-suite leaders in the electrical distribution industry.
Warehouse Operations Benchmarking Report 2021

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  • The 2021 Warehouse Operations Report provides current information about electrical distributors’ warehouse operations. Specifically, the study focused on fulfillment practices, operational metrics, customer & accuracy metrics, delivery statistics and more